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In today’s social media age, now is everything. While you can get your information from a newspaper, from radio, from television, or the internet, you usually have to wait for a publishing date. You get your paper in the morning, you tune in to the radio at a certain time, or your television show starts at the top of the hour.

With WE NOW! Facebook Live, you don’t have to worry about that. We can give you information and interviews at any time of the day. No delay!

By bringing guests to the WE-TV studio and airing them onĀ Facebook Live, we can webcast their words and information at the press of a button. Whether it’s comments from Windsor Express coach Bill Jones before game three, or Pasha Qureshi promoting the first annual Run For Windsor, not only do we live up to the guarantee of bringing Windsor and Essex to the world, we bring it to you NOW!

Interested in coming on WE NOW! to promote your event? Contact us at info@we-tv.ca

WE NOW! Facebook Live

WE NOW! Facebook Live with Maria Jaramillo of the Detroit Sun

Maria Jaramillo of the Detroit Sun discusses their game against Indy Premier at Mic Mac Family Fun and Sports Park on Sunday, June 11...

WE NOW! Facebook Live with Bill Jones (05/17)

Bill Jones of the Windsor Express joins WE NOW! Facebook Live again to discuss the Windsor Express in their Central Division final.

WE NOW! Facebook Live: Windsor Regional Hospital

WE NOW! Facebook Live with Diane Bradford of the Windsor Regional Hospital to discuss preventing injury, especially during the upcoming long weekend and the...

WE NOW! Facebook Live with Bob Boughner

San Jose Sharks assistant coach and Windsor Sptifires President Bob Boughner joins us on WE NOW! Facebook Live. Embed from Getty Images